Quanti sono i ribassisti


  By: themaui on Martedì 25 Giugno 2013 14:16

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  By: Moderatore on Lunedì 24 Giugno 2013 21:56

Dopo che Nouriel Roubini due mesi fa era passato molto toro il mercato non aveva più una chance.... ^Woody Dorsey#http://www.marketsemiotics.com/^ è molto meglio e ha un servizio che esiste da 25 anni, per lo più per istituzionali, basato sul profilo psicologico del mercato. Dal 3 giugno ha avvisato di un "Titanic in arrivo" Questo è il commento di oggi sulla borsa americana e dice che il minimo è ancora lontano -------- ...Global equity markets are continuing to exhibit weakness as a major top across all indices is confirmed. We retierate that an interim low is far away. Thus, this is only the beginning, particularly in the U.S. We also reiterate that this is a unique historical market situation. Expect unexpected behavior. There is some correspondence to the 1987 Crash but that was only a short-lived correction in a Bull Market. this may be a different context. Yes, it may not go down every day but remember that stocks were up every Tuesday for 20 weeks as followed and touted by the press. Well, now they could go down for 20 Tuesdays? Streaks can happen both ways. It would be wonderful to have a crash and we prefer that. If so, it creates an unusual long side opportunity. But, that is not here. Beware though the market trope for putting in at least lows on Monday and Tuesday as it did in 1987. If so, a bounce may occur near term but does not have to. The near zero percent interest rate environment has now been revealed as a folly. Our profile identified the rate low in July of 2012. The recent chaos in credit markets is a lawful result of that extreme. What is not recognized though is the degree of that low. We allowed that the last time such a secular interest rate folly occurred was near the Fall of Rome. Thus, rates could rise for say 500 or 1,000 years. Nothing goes in a straight line.....except sometimes when stocks are in a self-reinforcing viral decline. Some participants are still asking us about Gold. We were bullish but abandoned that view when it broke down earlier this year. It was deemed a busted pattern and thus became enigmatic and confusing. There has been not profile for some time and there is still not one. Yes, perhaps it should be bottoming and is oversold etc. but we have not had and still do not have a cogent profile. This unique negative episode is likely a generic risk off event and everything can go down. We do have a cogent profile for stocks. As advised in the June 3 report, be near the lifeboat on the Titanic. Now you can see the White of the oncoming iceberg. Now you can see the "whites of the eyes" of the blithe longs. We will look to parse out the tactical timing for becoming more aggressive on the short side but the market may not offer easy entries. An important low is months away. Be ready to enjoy that.


  By: DOTT JOSE on Sabato 27 Luglio 2002 14:01

ma sti tizi che "assemblano" i c.f.d ribassisti come fannO? vanno dal fondo usa e si fanno prestare dei titoli? mi sembra di aver letto che nei c.f.d il costo di mantenimento al ribasso e' zero..ma allora anche il fondo usa non si pagare per prestare i titoli?


  By: asbert on Venerdì 26 Luglio 2002 15:59

sono questi giochetti virtuali al ribasso coma al rialzo che sopralimentano la volatilità esasperata che stiamo vivendo. Serve con urgenza una regolamentazione seria e meditata.

Quanti sono i ribassisti - gz  

  By: GZ on Venerdì 26 Luglio 2002 12:14

in Europa non ci sono dati ufficiali sui volumi e la composizione delle vendite allo scoperto. Basta vedere l'esplosione dei CFD, un mercato parallelo a quello dei futures che consente lo scoperto con il margine a Londra su singole azioni per capire che è il più elevato della storia. (te li offrono anche con commissione zero e ogni giorno ricevo mail di pubblicità). Oppure l'open interest che è esploso sui futures. Ora c'è una proposta inglese di rivelare le statistiche dello scoperto, come accade in america -------------------------------------------------------- Howard Davies, chairman of Britain’s Financial Services Authority, ruled out proposing a ban on the practice of short selling, the process by which investors borrow shares, sell them, and buy them back at lower prices pocketing the difference. He did, however, advocate for greater disclosure of short interest. Davies said he also opposed imposing additional `grit’ in the market to discourage the impact of short selling on prices, such as the adoption of the so-called uptick rule. This rule, imposed by the New York Stock Exchange, requires investors to short stocks at prices above the previous trade of the security. ``We see no case for any outright ban on short selling, a practice which we judge a necessary and desirable underpinning to the liquidity of the London market,'' said Davis. ``One of the options we are examining is what can be done to make available to the market up-to-date information on volumes of short selling - or at least of stock lending as a proxy for this.''