Negativo su SUN


  By: DOTT JOSE on Mercoledì 08 Maggio 2002 14:18

iosapevo che alcuni produttori di detersivi come strategia dimarketing introducevano prodotti in diretta competizione tra di loro anche se perdevano quote presi singolarmente in totale guadagnavo quote.. Lei che ha fatto il consulente aziendale puo confermare? il probleme e' che Sun ha solo Java come linguaggio

Negativo su SUN - gzibordi  

  By: GZ on Martedì 07 Maggio 2002 22:55

questo è un commento molto perspicace sul perchè SUN stia crollando in sostanza JAVA che hanno creato sta cannibalizzandoli e sempre più gente li vede in via di sparizione Jim Seymour Sun: Did They Do It to Themselves...? 5/07/02 11:23 AM ET Smart comments in an e-mail from subscriber and frequent correspondent John Heilbronn: "Here's a thought for you: Which company created a product intended to dislodge a tough competitor, only to have it boomerang and destroy its own business? I think may be watching the end of SUNW. They don't make much money from Java, and it, combined with Linux, is taking more market share from SUNW than MSFT. What happens to Java if SUNW collapses? Who will own it, and allow modifications? Java will become a platform managed by committee... I am willing to guess that business magazines and books will offer interesting commentary on how SUNW created its own monster, which ultimately destroyed the company, courtesy of Linux. The top execs see it coming, which is why they are leaving, IMHO."