ok queste sono le cose più interessanti che leggo ora per wall street ----------------------------------------------------------------- hmmm... negativo, Goldman compra 10 mila put 02/14/02 10:42 AM EST Keith Keenan SPX March 1050 puts -- Goldman has purchased 10,000 on the day. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ... ok quindi può darsi che il cedimento fosse dovuto a questo errore, che abbiano creduto che si parlasse di Intel(INTEL:Nasdaq), che deve annunciare domani i risultati e invece si trattasse di Inter-Tel (INTL:Nasdaq) su cui c'è il rumor ?? 02/14/02 02:31 PM EST Doug Kass There is a rumor that Intel (INTC:Nasdaq) is guiding lower, supposedly out of Raymond James in Florida. The problem is that Raymond James doesn't follow Intel, but it does follow Inter-Tel (INTL:Nasdaq), which is believed to be guiding lower! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Cattive notizie per Nvidia per domani un indagine sui suoi bilanci (lo anticipavo stamattina ....) ? 02/14/02 05:33 PM EST The after-hours news was in line with expectations -- with the exception of the SEC's review of Nvidia's reserve practices, which based upon a cursory view do not seem to involve much money. Nevertheless, look for investors to shoot first (a selloff of $5 would be my guesstimate) and ask questions later on Nvidia. Edited by - gzibordi on 2/15/2002 0:35:27