God bless America

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sottolineo una cosa sola

BIDEN (maisculo max rispetto) stanzia soldi per combattere la poverta dei bambini

--->Biden is seeking another major relief package, including a new effort to reduce child poverty, and he may soon move to make the A.C.A. more generous and cover more people. He should push hard on both fronts: Recent experience shows that smart government spending can do a lot to improve Americans’ lives.<-----

mentre il grande nemico dei pteri forti, il robin hood che doveva prendere ai ricchi per dare ai poveri

che faceva il trampagnao robin hood ?



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l'immenso Krugman!


Four Rules That Should Guide Bidenomics

By Paul Krugman

Here we go again. For the second time in 12 years a newly elected Democratic president is inheriting an economy in deep distress. And while it’s hard to focus on such things after last week’s Trumpist putsch, a lot depends on whether Joe Biden’s plan to deal with our economic woes is effective.

The narrow Democratic margin in Congress means that the most ambitious progressive goals will have to be put on hold. But the rescue package Biden unveiled Thursday already indicates he won’t exhibit the excessive caution that inhibited President Barack Obama’s response to economic crisis.

Still, in case anyone on the Biden team is feeling cautious, let me offer four rules, based on hard experience, that should encourage them to be bold in dealing with the mess we’re in.

Rule #1: Don’t doubt the power of government to help. The last time Democrats took the White House, they were still in something of a reflexive cringe, halfway accepting the conservative dogma that government always does more harm than good. But everything that has happened since 2009 says that government spending can be hugely beneficial.

Remember how Republicans denounced Obamacare, with some of them comparing it to slavery? As it turned out, despite its flaws, the Affordable Care Act led to a drastic decline in the number of Americans without health insurance, and it gave many people a new sense of security in the knowledge that they couldn’t be cut off because of pre-existing conditions. Republican attempts to repeal the A.C.A. were a major reason Democrats now control Congress.

More recently, the CARES Act, which provided aid to businesses, expanded unemployment benefits, gave out checks and more, greatly alleviated the damage from the pandemic — poverty may even have gone down while the act was in full effect.

Biden is seeking another major relief package, including a new effort to reduce child poverty, and he may soon move to make the A.C.A. more generous and cover more people. He should push hard on both fronts: Recent experience shows that smart government spending can do a lot to improve Americans’ lives.

Rule #2: Don’t obsess about debt. Constant warnings about the dangers of government borrowing hobbled the Obama agenda almost from the start. Biden shouldn’t let that happen again.

The fact is that the dire predictions of deficit scolds never came true, and there is now widespread agreement among economists that debt is far less of a problem than conventional wisdom asserted. Among other things, while the level of federal debt may seem high, low interest rates mean that the burden of servicing that debt is actually very low by historical standards.

Oh, and no credence at all should be given to what we all know is coming: fake deficit hawkery from Republicans who screeched about debt under Obama, then rammed through a huge, unfunded tax cut under Donald Trump.

Rule #3: Don’t worry about inflation. Constant warnings about soaring prices, combined with false claims that the government was hiding the true rate of inflation (no, this sort of thing didn’t begin with Trump) also marked the Obama years; but inflation never took off. Nonetheless, the usual suspects are ramping up to try it again.

So this is a good time to emphasize one key lesson from the Trump years: We can run a “hot” economy, with low unemployment and large budget deficits, without runaway inflation. And Biden should do everything he can to make the American economy hot again.

But he shouldn’t expect any help from the opposition party.

Rule #4: Don’t count on Republicans to help govern. The original sin of Obama economic policy was the underpowered stimulus of 2009. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act helped stabilize the economy, but it was much too small given the depths of the crisis. This isn’t hindsight; some of us were very publicly tearing our hair out in real time.

One reason the plan was too small was that Obama was trying to gain bipartisan support, rather than using reconciliation to push it through with Democratic votes (which is how Republicans passed the 2017 tax cut). But that support never came; instead, a sluggish recovery helped the G.O.P. take the House in 2010, setting the stage for years of policy sabotage.

Biden must not make the same mistake. It’s OK for him to spend a few days giving some Republicans a chance to get on board, but he can’t let the pursuit of cross-party support lead to watered-down policies.

The sad fact is that Biden can’t expect any significant help in governing from the modern Republican Party — a party that for the most part spent two months refusing to accept clear-cut election results, with many members of Congress still voting to reject electoral votes even after a mob sacked the Capitol. And he shouldn’t let the lack of bipartisanship derail his agenda. Voters don’t care about process; they care about results.

Putting all of this together, the message is “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” Neither defunct ideology, nor bogus economic concerns, nor the vain hope of comity should be allowed to stand in the way of delivering the policies America needs.

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  By: Tuco on Domenica 17 Gennaio 2021 14:27

Un'altra bella analisi, utile a capire l'America di oggi.


This Putsch Was Decades in the Making

By Paul Krugman

One striking aspect of the Capitol Hill putsch was that none of the rioters’ grievances had any basis in reality.

No, the election wasn’t stolen — there is no evidence of significant electoral fraud. No, Democrats aren’t part of a satanic pedophile conspiracy. No, they aren’t radical Marxists — even the party’s progressive wing would be considered only moderately left of center in any other Western democracy.

So all the rage is based on lies. But what’s almost as striking as the fantasies of the rioters is how few leading Republicans have been willing, despite the violence and desecration, to tell the MAGA mob that their conspiracy theories are false.

Bear in mind that Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, and two-thirds of his colleagues voted against accepting the Electoral College results even after the riot. (McCarthy then shamelessly decried “division,” saying that “we must call on our better angels.”)

Or consider the behavior of leading Republicans who aren’t usually considered extremists. On Sunday Senator Rob Portman declared that we need to “restore confidence in the integrity of our electoral system.” Portman isn’t stupid; he has to know that the only reason so many people doubt the election results is that members of his party deliberately fomented that doubt. But he’s still keeping up the pretense.

And the cynicism and cowardice of leading Republicans is, I would argue, the most important cause of the nightmare now enveloping our nation.

Of course we need to understand the motives of our homegrown enemies of democracy. In general, political scientists find — not surprisingly, given America’s history — that racial antagonism is the best predictor of willingness to countenance political violence. Anecdotally, personal frustrations — often involving social interactions, not “economic anxiety” — also seem to drive many extremists.

But neither racism nor widespread attraction to conspiracy theories is new in our political life. The worldview described in Richard Hofstadter’s classic 1964 essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” is barely distinguishable from QAnon beliefs today.

So there’s only so much to be gained from interviewing red-hatted guys in diners; there have always been people like that. If there are or seem to be more such people than in the past, it probably has less to do with intensified grievances than with outside encouragement.

For the big thing that has changed since Hofstadter wrote is that one of our major political parties has become willing to tolerate and, indeed, feed right-wing political paranoia.

This coddling of the crazies was, at first, almost entirely cynical. When the G.O.P. began moving right in the 1970s its true agenda was mainly economic — what its leaders wanted, above all, were business deregulation and tax cuts for the rich. But the party needed more than plutocracy to win elections, so it began courting working-class whites with what amounted to thinly disguised racist appeals.

Not incidentally, white supremacy has always been sustained in large part through voter suppression. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see right-wingers howling about a rigged election — after all, rigging elections is what their side is accustomed to doing. And it’s not clear to what extent they actually believe that this election was rigged, as opposed to being enraged that this time the usual vote-rigging didn’t work.

But it’s not just about race. Since Ronald Reagan, the G.O.P. has been closely tied to the hard-line Christian right. Anyone shocked by the prevalence of insane conspiracy theories in 2020 should look back to “The New World Order,” published by Reagan ally Pat Robertson in 1991, which saw America menaced by an international cabal of Jewish bankers, Freemasons and occultists. Or they should check out a 1994 video promoted by Jerry Falwell Sr. called “The Clinton Chronicles,” which portrayed Bill Clinton as a drug smuggler and serial killer.

So what has changed since then? For a long time Republican elites imagined that they could exploit racism and conspiracy theorizing while remaining focused on a plutocratic agenda. But with the rise first of the Tea Party, then of Donald Trump, the cynics found that the crazies were actually in control, and that they wanted to destroy democracy, not cut tax rates on capital gains.

And Republican elites have, with few exceptions, accepted their new subservient status.

You might have hoped that a significant number of sane Republican politicians would finally say that enough is enough, and break with their extremist allies. But Trump’s party didn’t balk at his corruption and abuse of power; it stood by him when he refused to accept electoral defeat; and some of its members are responding to a violent attack on Congress by complaining about their loss of Twitter followers.

And there’s no reason to believe that the atrocities yet to come — for there will be more atrocities — will make a difference. The G.O.P. has reached the culmination of its long journey away from democracy, and it’s hard to see how it can ever be redeemed.

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Shera, su questo forum scrivono persone che hanno molte cose interessanti da dire e che leggo con interesse e curiosità 

 Tu purtroppo non sei fra loro. Puoi anche risparmiarti di scrivere.  

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  By: shera on Domenica 17 Gennaio 2021 10:12

Gianlini, Biden è un agnellino tenuto per le palline, Trump un toro imbizzarrito


quando capirai cosa significa #italydidit ne riparliamo...


Un avvocato di Cerignola , un bibitaro e un concorrente del Grande Fratello.... Sembra un film comico di Checco Zalone

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  By: gianlini on Domenica 17 Gennaio 2021 09:44

Shera, ma quante cose fai finta di capire col tuo tono tronfio e criptico, e in realtà non hai capito niente?

Trump è stato mollato dai suoi amici ebrei, te l'ho scritto in tutte le salse. 


By: gianlini on Lunedì 11 Gennaio 2021 11:02

Xtol, lascia stare le lenti.

E' evidente che a Trump hanno staccato la spina, gli stessi che 4 anni fa gli hanno fatto vincere le elezioni con facebook e i big data, questa volta gli hanno fatto lo scherzo al contrario, e non devono nemmeno averlo avvisato..

Dubito si tratti di nigeriani o messicani.

Più probabili quelli che stanno sulle rive del Giordano

By: gianlini on Venerdì 08 Gennaio 2021 08:47

Shera, l'ho già detto io.

Israele ha ottenuto in 4 anni quello che probabilmente stimava di ottenere in 8. Quindi ora ha scaricato Trump che d'ora in poi rischiava solo di fare danni alla causa .

(in un altro post parlavo proprio del fatto che Trump stava tirando troppo la corda con la Cina)


Why Ehud Barak Thinks Biden Will Be 'Great' for Israel – and Better Than Trump on China

Former prime minister voices optimism about a Biden presidency and predicts the restoration of U.S. leadership on the world stage. He also calls Secretary of State nominee Blinken ‘a great friend of Israel’



The Desperate Campaign to Tar Biden as 'anti-Israel'

You might think Biden’s lengthy pro-Israel record would inoculate, or at least modestly protect him from the overwrought, vituperative 'Israel-hater' hyperbole thrown at Obama. You'd be wrong


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  By: shera on Sabato 16 Gennaio 2021 07:37

Bravo Peavey, ma uno che ha sete di potere e un conto con 15 zeri, quanto ci mette se la tecnologia lo consente, a tirar su un esercito personale, magari di droni che controlla con l'Iphone?

quando Bill chiude i suoi latifondi e ci mette dei carri armati o anche solo dei cani robot, dotati di intelligenza artificiale... con il pretesto di usare i cannoni a ultrasuoni contro le cavallette...

Vorrei sapere cosa ne pensa Uillies

Un avvocato di Cerignola , un bibitaro e un concorrente del Grande Fratello.... Sembra un film comico di Checco Zalone

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  By: shera on Giovedì 14 Gennaio 2021 19:39

Peavey spiegagli dove vuoi arrivare, che Gianlini fa solo il tonto

vuole che gli parli del grande fratello così ti dice che sei un rettiliano


Un avvocato di Cerignola , un bibitaro e un concorrente del Grande Fratello.... Sembra un film comico di Checco Zalone

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  By: antitrader on Giovedì 14 Gennaio 2021 11:15


mo' anche la foto della pizza ? Usare la panza no eh? E che ce vo' ? Se e' napoletana va bene,

in alternativa fa schifo. Ma qualle app & app? Da quando i programmi li chiamano "app" mi e'

venuta una repulsione verso la tecnologia.



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  By: gianlini on Giovedì 14 Gennaio 2021 10:59

Peavey, ho capito, ma non vedo tutta la pericolosità della cosa.

La vedo sicuramente  come una opportunità per chi mi vuole vendere qualcosa ma a differenza delle sardine, non percepisco un grosso problema per me.

So benissimo di essere già condizionato da moltissimi input, ne cambia eventualmente qualcuno.

E magari un giorno cliccandoci sopra, appare in carne e ossa l'amica di Long....un bel vantaggio,  non credi? ;)


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  By: Gano di Maganza on Giovedì 14 Gennaio 2021 10:28

"Faccio sempre una gran fatica a capire quali "dati" avrei su whattsapp

forse il mio numero di cellulare, .."


Sarà sicuramente una coincidenza, ma ero sempre stato attento ad evitare WhatsApp e a mettere numeri di cellulari su social e internet in generale. Da quando mi sono iscritto a WhatsApp mi arrivano decine di telefonate indesiderate. Magari è un caso, o forse invece hai ragione te.


Non saprei, non voglio puntare il dito contro nessuno, noto solo la coincidenza.

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  By: shera on Mercoledì 13 Gennaio 2021 18:32

mi sembri Cristoforo Colombo che spiega la rotta per le Indie a un carrettiere mbriaco

Un avvocato di Cerignola , un bibitaro e un concorrente del Grande Fratello.... Sembra un film comico di Checco Zalone

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  By: Peavey on Mercoledì 13 Gennaio 2021 17:39

non sottovalutare il bigdata..

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  By: gianlini on Mercoledì 13 Gennaio 2021 17:22

E quelli li chiameresti dati?